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Machine safety

Whether building new machines or modifying existing ones, machine safety issues need to be considered. This requires knowledge of their application, from risk assessment, design, manufacture and commissioning to the verification of the safety measures applied.INPERCO GmbH supports you from design to verification.


We support you with our experience in many areas of automation.In projects, we can support you in the essential engineering services from the determination of requirements to the handover to production.

Independent expert for machine safety

As an independent, impartial and freelance expert, Thomas Wechs is at your side for advice and planning on the subject of machine safety, as well as for the preparation of an expert opinion. You will receive expert advice and expert opinions.

EU Authorized Representative

Reliable and fast availability of parts for your products on the European market:
According to the Product Safety Act, products that are placed on the market in the EU from outside the European Union must have an authorized representative or importer based in the EU.
For the obligations arising from the Machinery Directive, individual tasks and obligations can be assumed by INPERCO as an "authorized representative" or act as an "importer" for obligations arising from the Directive.

About us

The company INPERCO GmbH was founded by the managing partner Thomas Wechs in 2013. INPERCO GmbH is based in Niedernberg.
For more than 10 years now, INPERCO GmbH has been supporting manufacturers and operators in the procurement, optimization and assessment of machines.

For over 30 years Thomas Wechs in the field of automation technology with industrial robots. Specializing in the interlinking of several processes, laser technology, medical technology, control technology and testing, the focus is on process reliability, machine safety and economical use.

Our customers

Industries: Mechanical engineering, automation and robotics, pharmaceutical and medical products, maritime, aviation, automotive

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