Machine safety


Freelance expert

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Machine safety

Whether building new machines or modifying existing ones, machine safety issues must be considered.
Keeping up with the rapid changes on the market is a major challenge for many companies. Due to a frequent lack of resources in in-house project engineering, opportunities for cheaper and more productive production remain unrecognized.
Existing system components often have to be integrated into new processes. For this purpose, the Machinery Directive must be applied in the case of "significant changes" - as with new systems. This requires knowledge of its application, from risk assessment, design, production and commissioning, through to checking the safety measures applied.
INPERCO GmbH supports you from design to verification.


We support you with our experience in many areas of automation.
In projects, we can support you in the essential engineering services from the determination of requirements through to handover to production:

  • Application consulting and design of industrial automation
  • Purchasing and sales of automation systems
  • Creation of requirement and functional specifications, FMEA
  • Risk assessments
  • Procurement, supplier evaluations
  • Supplier approvals
  • Monitoring the manufacturing process
  • Acceptance and handover of the automation and production systems

We can also offer other tasks as a package through our network.

Independent expert for machine safety

As an independent, impartial and freelance expert, Thomas Wechs is at your side for advice and planning on the subject of machine safety, as well as for the preparation of an expert opinion. You will receive specialist advice and expert opinions on, for example

  • the executed quality of technical documentation
  • compliance with basic directives and regulations
  • compliance with agreed standards, harmonized norms
  • Analysis of the possible cause and effects of damage

The expert opinion for machinery safety is based on the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC for machinery that will be or has been manufactured or placed on the market by Jan. 2027. After January 14, 2027, the Machinery Directive 2023/1230 is the basis for machinery.
We keep up to date with the latest technology through continuous training and further education.

INPERCO Service: Authorized representative/ importer

Safe and fast parts availability on the European market for your products: According to the Product Safety Act, products placed on the EU market from outside the European Union must have an authorized representative or importer based in the EU.

All or part of the obligations arising from the directives/regulations can be transferred by contract between the manufacturer and an "authorized representative" or "importer" based in the EU.

The authorized representative then takes the place of the manufacturer for the obligations assumed.

For machinery and associated products, INPERCO offers testing and/or determination of conformity in accordance with the Machinery Directive (MD). Products can also be assessed in accordance with the Low Voltage Directive.

For the obligations arising from the Machinery Directive, individual tasks and obligations can be assumed as an "authorized representative" or act as an "importer" for all obligations arising from the Directive.

It is also possible to provide and manage a consignment warehouse for the manufacturer for machines and associated products, particularly in terms of the rapid supply of spare parts. INPERCO's service includes the import, storage and shipment to its customers within the EU. Any necessary return of parts can also be carried out.

These services may also be of interest to manufacturers within the EU.